Millennials are looking at Bitcoin for their long-terms saving, as their trust in traditional avenues fail. Will Bitcoin Ruin Your Tax Return? Not so long ago, the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin underwent either an innocuous mini-evolution, or a massive shift in its very identity that will revitalize or doom the concept, depending on who you ask. In an effort to increase liquidity, software ... Bitcoin, blockchain and bubblesIndependent Online Money Psychology: How Cryptocurrency Makes Us More Compassionate (Part 2)Bitcoin News (press release) Bitcoin Price Remains Stable at $3700 for the Time BeingThe Merkle Hacked -99 Bitcoins (blog) -Times of Malta all 14 news articles »
What major advantages Blockchain brings into the way people use social networking and financial transactions
The Blockchain can decentralize the news media, increasing diversity of opinion and lessening the influence of advertisers
Business Insider Nordic Here are the Nordic restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels and tattoo shops where you can pay with bitcoin Business Insider Nordic What about getting a take away latte for your spare bitcoins? The world's largest cryptocurrency has been accepted as payment at smaller online shops for a while, but more and more service companies are also catching on to the trend. There are around ...
Floyd Mayweather is stepping up his support of cryptocurrencies, promoting his third initial coin offering (ICO) in the past month.
India-based IT services and consultancy firm Wipro has joined Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation-led consortium building blockchains for enterprises.
A new version of Geth, a command-line interface for running ethereum nodes, includes changes that could see the software running at far higher speeds.