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This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Invest on DIMPAY.io with a bonus of 5% (15% if you pay with XEM). This is a last chance to invest before the listing on the exchange on 18th December 2017. The DIM Ecosystem has expanded further with the launch of DIMPAY, an instant, borderless and decentralized payment system based on NEM blockchain technology. DIMPAY aims to facilitate cashless transactions for consumers and merchants, along with providing a potential financial solution for the 2 billion individuals worldwide without access to bank accounts. DIMPAY is specifically developed to facilitate the generating of invoices, tracking of inventory, making payments and much more. The use of DIMPAY will eliminate numerous paym..
Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has advanced the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency, the Petro. He believes it will take off and solve the country’s economic problems next year, but experts are concerned with corruption. Moody’s credit rating agency, for example, says market participants would have no confidence in Maduro’s government to manage it. Also read: South Korea Releases Emergency Measures for Cryptocurrency Regulation Maduro Takes Next Steps with the Petro News.Bitcoin.com reported last week on Maduro announcing the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency called the Petro, backed by the country’s oil, gold, gas, and diamond reserves. This week, Maduro revealed, as quoted by Ok Dinero: In the next few days, I will sign the certificates where we put as certified support of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the Petro, thousands of barrels of oil from the Orinoco oil belt as sustainable support. Maduro also commissioned Petroleum Minister Manuel Qu..
The price of bitcoin has reached the landmark milestone of $18,000 per BTC across global exchanges after having an incredible run during November and December of 2017. The decentralized currency’s price seems like it will close out with a bang as this year has been one of the most phenomenal growth cycles for bitcoin in years. Also Read: Parity Calls for Ethereum Hard Fork to Reverse $230 Million Bug Bitcoin Reaches an All-Time High of $18,000 Per BTC At approximately 7:15 am EDT on December 16 the price of bitcoin barreled above the $18K zone on the exchange Bitstamp. The price has climbed well over 1000 percent during the course of 2017, and has increased by $8,000 in the last two months. There hasn’t been an asset that has increased in value this much in decades, and most people believe there is nothing in the world quite like bitcoin markets. At $18,000 per BTC, the cryptocurrency now commands a hefty $300Bn market capitalization. Additionally, bitcoin markets have been surging ..
Bitcoin is serious business, but not so serious that it can’t afford to laugh at itself. It was inevitable that someone would commission a bitcoin movie sooner or later, and in the event that honor has gone to Christian Cashmir. The little known filmmaker is producing “Bitcoin”, a comedy romp that looks set to tick off every cliche in the book. Also read: Danish Billionaire Renames the Rungsted Capital Ice Rink to ‘Bitcoin Arena’ Brace Yourselves: Bitcoin Banter is Coming Bitcoin has had plenty of screen time this year, but has yet to grace the silver screen. News segments and the odd documentary, while attesting to bitcoin’s meteoric rise, lack the glamor of a full-length feature. Christian Cashmir is on a mission to set that right with his forthcoming movie, simply titled Bitcoin. The eponymous flick looks like it’s going for the low hanging fruit and obvious laughs based on what plot points have emerged so far. Armed with 20 guesses, the average bitcoiner would probably venture t..
Twenty-four hours ago the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin and its US$300Bn market capitalization just surpassed the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Special Drawing Rights market (SDR $291Bn). Also read: Cayman Investment Forum Focuses on Rise of Bitcoin and Failing Dollar Bitcoin’s Market Valuation Outpaces the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights Reserves Bitcoin’s value has grown immensely in 2017 outperforming nearly every world currency, stock, and commodity this year. With a global average of over $18,000 per BTC and a $300Bn+ market valuation bitcoin has surpassed the IMF’s international reserve assets ($291Bn). The SDR is comprised of a ‘basket of legal tender’ from five nation-states. The value of the SDR, also known as XDRs, is based off a percentage of Chinese renminbi, U.S. dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, and the British pound sterling. The SDR was created in 1969 using the Bretton Woods exchange system, and before 1973 it contained the value of 0.8 grams of gold. Th..
The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations. Section 1 : The Trusted Third Party Problem Chapter 3: Trying to Undo Satoshi by Wendy McElroy Do You Want a Government Fiat Crypto? (Chapter 3, Part 4) It is the ability of governments to acquire money without direct taxation that makes modern warfare possible, and a central bank has become the preferred method of accomplishing that….[T]here can be no debate over the fact that fiat money in time of peace has no such justification….Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Federal Reserve System encourages war.” –G. Edward Griffin, The Creature From Jekyll Island Central Bank-Issued Digital Currency (CBDC) is a national currency that issues from a central bank. It is the crypto counterpart to a physical currency, such as the U.S. dollar. It is also a bitter irony. A monetary wildcat (crypto) meant to undermine the world’s financial system (central banks) is being caged and tamed to serve the status quo. At leas..
In the run-up to the 2018 November federal elections in the United States, at least three politicians are accepting bitcoin in donation, including an incumbent House member. One hopeful, Austin Petersen, is openly discussing the world’s most popular cryptocurrency’s benefits in his bid to win a US Senate seat. Also read: Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount Austin Petersen for US Senate is a Big Fan of Bitcoin “I am a big fan of the digital currency community because of what it represents, which is ultimately decentralization,” Mr. Petersen, 36, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Mr. Petersen is running to unseat Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, 64, Missouri’s first female Senator. She assumed her seat nearly a dozen years ago by a slim margin of victory, but her reelection in 2012 saw her easily defeat the challenger by 25 points. Though Mr. Petersen is considered a long shot to even win the Republican Party nomination, Ms. McCaskill is con..
The State Bank of Vietnam has developed a legal framework for digital currencies. The bank has submitted its proposals to its government, seeking to ban activities relating to bitcoin including issuance, distribution, and use. Bitcoin users may be subject to criminal prosecution and fined up to 200 million dong. Also read: Japan’s SBI Group Launching Eight Crypto Businesses Including Mining State Bank’s Proposed Sanctions The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) announced on Saturday, October 28, that it has completed the legal framework for digital currencies, according to local publications. “Bitcoin users in Vietnam may be subject to criminal prosecution,” Cong An newspaper wrote and elaborated: The issuance, supply, [and] use of bitcoin and other similar virtual currencies as a means of payment is a prohibited activity in Vietnam. Under the provisions of Clause 6, Article 27 of Decree No. 96/2014 / ND-CP on administrative sanctions in monetary and banking activities, acts of distributin..
The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has issued a statement regarding initial coin offerings (ICOs). In addition to risk warnings, the agency detailed how two existing laws may apply to token sales. Also read: Chinese Exchanges Seek Second Chance in Japan and Other More Crypto-Friendly Countries FSA Warns of ICO Risks Japan’s FSA published a statement on Friday, clarifying its position on ICOs. The agency first warned the public of two risks applicable to ICO investors. The first risk concerns price volatility, which the agency cautioned, “the price of a token may decline or become worthless suddenly.” The second risk is “potential for fraud.” The FSA warned that goods and services outlined in ICOs’ whitepapers may not be realized, adding that: You should have a deal [invest] at your own risk only after understanding enough the risks above and the content of an ICO project if you buy a token. You should also pay careful attention to suspicious solicitation of ICOs. Two Exi..
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. LONDON – 4NEW, the company developing Waste to Energy treatment plants today announced that it has successfully secured a $25 million investment from a leading U.S. private equity fund with over 400 million in assets under management. These funds will be allocated towards the purchase of 4NEW’s first plant site and equipment installation costs. With fundraising efforts primarily focused at institutional investors within the Presale round, 4NEW is observing significant interest and steady mobilization of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, with adequate capitalization attained to launch the first site, 4NEW is now opening its remainder of the Presale round to the genera..