Suspicions grow that Ethereum can be used for huge-scale money laundering
A city in Russia has been selected as a pilot city to launch two cryptocurrency agencies, following mandates by president Vladimir Putin. Seminars will be offered where participants can receive certificates allowing them to engage in crypto professions as well as learn to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Also read: Japan’s Financial Authority Clarifies Stance on Initial Coin Offerings Vladivostok Chosen Vladivostok.Following a mandate by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin for cryptocurrency regulations to be finalized by July of next year, Vladivostok was chosen as a pilot city to launch two cryptocurrency agencies, according to local publications. One is a crypto-advisory agency; the other is a crypto-detective agency. Victor Fersht, the director of the Inter-University Center for the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Russia explained, as quoted by Prima Media: At the last meeting of the State Duma, a decision was taken to establish a state structure – a crypto-detective agen..
Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has advanced the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency, the Petro. He believes it will take off and solve the country’s economic problems next year, but experts are concerned with corruption. Moody’s credit rating agency, for example, says market participants would have no confidence in Maduro’s government to manage it. Also read: South Korea Releases Emergency Measures for Cryptocurrency Regulation Maduro Takes Next Steps with the Petro reported last week on Maduro announcing the creation of the country’s national cryptocurrency called the Petro, backed by the country’s oil, gold, gas, and diamond reserves. This week, Maduro revealed, as quoted by Ok Dinero: In the next few days, I will sign the certificates where we put as certified support of the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the Petro, thousands of barrels of oil from the Orinoco oil belt as sustainable support. Maduro also commissioned Petroleum Minister Manuel Qu..
With run-ups in bitcoin’s price setting record highs this year, South Africa’s business sector is beginning to come online, growing the nation’s bitcoin ecosystem. Bidorbuy, South Africa’s version of Ebay, was a relatively early company into the space, beginning in Spring of last year. Since then, the company reports sales are steadily growing after a few bumps along the way. Also read: South Africa’s Second Largest Supermarket Chain Pick n Pay Trials Bitcoin Payments Bidorbuy South Africa’s 18 Months of Bitcoin Roughly a year and a half ago, online South African marketplace, Bidorbuy, the largest of its kind in the country, began what was then-viewed as a radical experiment: the Johannesburg company allowed its customers to pay in bitcoin. The company uses Ebay’s model, bringing together sellers and buyers in an auction environment. It’s a haven for smaller sellers in the region where buyers can often purchase goods and services at a discount. Its CEO, Jaco Jonker, explained whil..
Japan's Financial Securities Authority will commence "full surveillance" of cryptocurrency exchanges in October, according to a local news report.
CNBC Bitcoin jumps 13%, still down sharply for the week CNBC Bitcoin surged about 13 percent on Friday, but was still on track for a big weekly loss during a tumultuous period of trading. The cryptocurrency fell as low as $2,951.15 Friday, its lowest level since early August, before rebounding to $3..
The Department of Justice has announced another potential auction of seized bitcoin, totalling over 8 million USD. There’s a noticeable uptick in bitcoin-related prosecutions since at least 2014 and the Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road affair. With the price of bitcoin rising to stratospheric heights, the phenomenon has made bitcoiners relatively wealthy; it might have also brought law enforcement scrutiny, as loose asset forfeiture regulations create potentially perverse incentives for police. Also read: Tezos Foundation Board Member Quits as Lawsuits, Allegations, Tensions Mount Asset Forfeiture Auction of Bitcoin is New Territory for U.S. Attorney Utah’s United States Attorney wants to put seized bitcoin back on the market, and fast. Its office has come upon the world’s most popular cryptocurrency by way of a sleepy Utah town opioid drug bust back in late 2016. At the point of seizure, the digital asset’s worth was ‘only’ half a million dollars. With the time it takes to prosecute a case,..
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. INTRODUCTION Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives almost entirely by improving human’s health, safety and… Unlike in movies, there’s no flying robots up in the skies. And while the use of AI must be accepted and solved, their bigger potential, beside others such as safe driving, help children with their learning, open and upgrade people’s lives. In reality, helpful applications of AI in schools, houses and hospitals, have developed massively. Universities create divisions to study AI, and technology companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft spend a lot to find different usages of AI which they suppose important to their future. Furthermore, Hollywood also uses te..
On Tuesday Jeff Garzik’s company Bloq announced what the company claims is a groundbreaking advance. The “world’s first cross-blockchain cryptocurrency,” Metronome (MTN), is “expected to launch in early December 2017,” according to a press release. Also read: Jeff Garzik Asks Community if Asicboost Optimization Should be Disabled Jeff Garzik’s December Gamble It’s the “cross-blockchain” phrasing that has analysts examining MTN. According to MTN’s outline, crypto portability can be achieved through “a proof-of-exit receipt when users leave one blockchain, which enables them to enter another.” Through Ethereum and other support networks such as Rootstock (for Bitcoin), users “select the blockchain that suits their requirements for governance and security, or even upgrade the MTN contract if needed,” the company asserts. The rest of its specifications seem rather in line with industry standards, as tokens “will be managed by its user community, with the system managed by autonomous sm..
Over the past few weeks, bitcoin proponents have been quarreling online about the lack of replay attack protection for the pending Segwit2x fork scheduled for this November. As time draws closer, a lot of bitcoiners are planning on sitting tight to ride out the storm. However, there are also individuals searching for replay-protected exchanges, wallet providers, and alternative techniques to protect themselves. Also read: Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Person’s Perspective Everyone Keeps Talking About This Thing Called Replay Protection The decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin and many other altcoins utilize a data storage concept called Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO). Someone who owns bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet has a list of “unspent” satoshis which primarily contains the user’s balance data. The sum of the bitcoin owner’s UTXOs is the individuals or organizations entire balance. When a fork takes place on the network, there can be network confusion or replays wh..