The co-director of the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC)’s Division of Enforcement, Stephanie Avakian, has outlined the mission and enforcement aims of the regulator’s recently formed Cyber Unit and Retail Strategy Task Force. Speaking at a recent Securities Enforcement Forum, the co-director has detailed the objectives of the new unit, including issues specifically pertaining to cryptocurrency. Also Read: SEC’s New Cyber Unit Plans to Combat Violations Involving ICOs “The Mission of the Enforcement Division [Is] to Protect Investors” Mrs. Avakian stated that the SEC wanted to take the time to address the current priorities of the Enforcement Division and discuss the mandates governing the SEC’s new Retail Strategy Task Force and Cyber Unit. The co-director stated that the greatest regulatory focus for the institution is “always going to be focused on retail investors.” Mrs. Avakian stated that retail investors “are often the most vulnerable market participants..
H.E. Mr. Riad Salamé, the governor of Lebanon’s central bank, Banque Du Liban (BDL), told a gathering in Beirut the country’s government is examining a possible state-backed cryptocurrency. Mr. Salamé also commented about bitcoin and the future of digital currencies in Lebanon. Also read: Saudi Central Bank Says Cryptocurrency Industry is “Not Mature Enough” to Warrant Regulation Lebanon Readies for an Electronic Currency Future Thomson Reuters’ Zawya reprinted from The Daily Star, a Lebanese daily, quoting Banque Du Liban Governor, H.E. Mr. Riad Salamé, head of Lebanon’s central bank. Mr. Salamé said he understands “that electronic currency will play a prominent role in the future.” The governor was speaking at a Beirut Corporate Social Responsibility conference, sponsored in part by BDL. “But BDL must first make the necessary arrangement before taking this step,” he continued, “and develop [a] protection system from cybercrime. Both the Special Investigation Commission and Bank..
Brian Patrick Eha’s definitive history, How Money Got Free: Bitcoin and the Fight for the Future of Finance (Oneworld, 2017), goes a long way in answering questions on what Bitcoin is, explaining its origins and detailing how this all happened. Also read: Introduction To “The Satoshi Revolution” – New Book by Wendy McElroy Exclusively on Bitcoin is a Drama Unfolding in Our Time Podcast host Joey Clark of the Joey Clark Radio Hour, in an archived version of his terrestrial broadcast from an FM, Montgomery, Alabama station, during an interview presented Brian Patrick Eha’s (rhymes with yee-haw) prose as cinematic. Movie-like. My second full reading confirms as much. The go-to early history of Bitcoin often cites Digital Gold, Nathaniel Popper’s bestseller from last year now in paper. This is no doubt due to Mr. Popper’s New York Times platform as much as anything else. And while Mr. Popper’s account is fun and entertaining, he presents Bitcoin and its nascent community ..
A regular user of Localbitcoins (a facilitator of exchanging fiat currencies for bitcoin) was formally charged in United States District Court. The Michigan man is accused of violating money transmitting business licensing requirements. Also read: Localbitcoins Trading Volume Sets New Global All-Time High Localbitcoins User Indicted by Homeland Security Investigations A criminal complaint filed 25 October 2017 against Bradley Anthony Stetkiw, a Localbitcoins user, accuses the man of buying, selling and brokering “deals for hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoin while failing to comply with money transmitting business registration requirements set forth in Title 31, United States Code, Section 5330.” Scene of the ‘crime.’United States of America v. Bradley A. Stetkiw asserts that from Summer of 2015 through Fall of this year, Mr. Stetkiw ran a bitcoin exchange under the handle ‘SaltandPepper’. The next few paragraphs of the seventeen page document detail a basic understanding ..
Bill Miller, former chairman of Legg Mason Value Trust mutual fund, and current chairman of Miller Value Partners LLC, has revealed that bitcoin holdings comprise approximately 30% of the assets in Miller Value Partner’s MVP 1 hedge fund. Also Read: Wall Street Hedge Funds Rush to Cryptocurrencies, 90 Bitcoin-Like This Year Alone The Share of Bill Miller’s Hedge Funds’ Assets Invested in Bitcoin Has Gone From 5% to 30% in Just 12 Months In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Bill Miller has revealed that roughly 30% of the assets in Miller Value Partners LLC’s $154 million USD MVP 1 hedge fund are invested in bitcoin. The share of the fund’s total that is represented by bitcoin holdings has significantly increased following bitcoin’s price gains of approximately 600% this year – as bitcoin represented just 5% of MVP 1’s assets in 2016. Mr. Miller states that the MVP 1 hedge fund has gained in value by approximately 72.5% so far during 2017. In a letter sent to investors..
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. ClearPoll, the social public opinion poll network using blockchain to secure votes, have completely sold out their token sale a week before it was scheduled to end. With a circulation of only 7 million POLL, many contributors took advantage of the incredible supply and demand situation on offer. POLL tokens are set to be in high demand due to being required to purchase additional services on their network. POLL has now been listed on major exchange HitBTC, and had already reached 5 times the token sale price on day one of trading, with plenty of room still left to grow. Development on the project is in full swing and great progress has been made, with ClearPoll releasing a working ..
A city in Russia has been selected as a pilot city to launch two cryptocurrency agencies, following mandates by president Vladimir Putin. Seminars will be offered where participants can receive certificates allowing them to engage in crypto professions as well as learn to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Also read: Japan’s Financial Authority Clarifies Stance on Initial Coin Offerings Vladivostok Chosen Vladivostok.Following a mandate by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin for cryptocurrency regulations to be finalized by July of next year, Vladivostok was chosen as a pilot city to launch two cryptocurrency agencies, according to local publications. One is a crypto-advisory agency; the other is a crypto-detective agency. Victor Fersht, the director of the Inter-University Center for the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Russia explained, as quoted by Prima Media: At the last meeting of the State Duma, a decision was taken to establish a state structure – a crypto-detective agen..
Last week a fundraiser was started in order to get Satoshi Nakamoto’s original bitcoin white paper written in Braille for blind people. Thanks to the generosity of many bitcoin proponents, the project’s funding was successfully completed, and the paper will soon be made available to the general public. Also read: UK’s Tickmill Adds Bitcoin to its Forex Platform Currently, there is an initiative in the works to transcribe Satoshi’s white paper in Braille, a tactile writing system used by individuals who are visually impaired. The creator of the project explains that Satoshi’s paper has been translated into multiple languages, but has yet to be transcribed in Braille. The Bitcoin white paper Braille project is working with the American Printing House for the Blind, in order to press, bound, and distribute the copies to anyone who is visually impaired for free. “Most of the cost of printing is related to the creation of tactile graphics representing the various technical diagrams that..
Cryex, a company that intended to build blockchains for banks, is being sold off for bottom dollar. The business started to face difficult economic times, according to a news piece published today in Swedish media. The Swedish-based bitcoin exchange Safello are buying in exchange for shares, no cash involved, according to reports. Cryex originally burst into the spotlight in 2015 when investors poured 10+ millions of dollars worth of seed funding into the company. Also read: South Africa’s Bidorbuy Sees Sixfold Increase with Bitcoin The Breakit article elaborated: “Now the company is about to be sold. A sale which is reported to at an extremely low price. Negotiations between the buyer, Safello, and Cryex began during the summer.” What was Cryex? The Cryex founders established the company to build blockchains for banks and similar offers. They were charged with finding ways to facilitate bank transfers with distributed ledger technology, much in the way bitcoin functions. However, ..
On October 23, reported on the exchange Coinbase revealing its plans to name the pending Segwit2x fork tokens, if the Bitcoin blockchain happens to fork again this November. After the company’s first announcement, the following day Coinbase director of communications, David Farmer, wrote a clarification concerning how the firm will choose each chain’s name. Also read: Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Person’s Perspective Coinbase Edits The Company’s Segwit2x Labeling Position The bitcoin network may fork in a few weeks on or around November 16 at block height 494784. Many bitcoin-based businesses have been revealing their plans for the upcoming Segwit2x fork, detailing how they will handle a possible split, and how they will determine the name of each token. The San Francisco-based company Coinbase is a business everyone is watching closely, because it has millions of users and processes a lot of bitcoin transactions. On October 23, the exchange revealed how it wo..