Japanese internet giant GMO has announced a plan to sell its “next-generation mining boards,” equipped with 7nm ASIC chips through an initial coin offering (ICO) next year. Also read: GMO to Invest 10 Billion Yen in Its Own 7nm, 5nm, and 3.5nm Dedicated Bitcoin Chips GMO Planning ICO Japanese conglomerate GMO Internet announced on Wednesday that its bitcoin mining business will launch an initial coin offering (ICO) next year. The purpose of the token sale is “to sell next-generation mining boards,” the company wrote, stating that: We will issue tokens as a method to buy next-generation mining boards. Japan currently has no specific law for regulating ICOs. However, some existing laws may apply to token sales. For example, some of them may be classified as sales of securities and subject to the current securities laws. “We will consider properly the laws and regulations that are applicable to us under the current legislation including Payment Services Act and the Financial Instrume..
Only hours into its first day live, Bitcoin Gold’s Twitter account announced it had been hit with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), forcing its website down for nearly four hours. Also read: Major DDoS Attacks Hit Bitcoin.com Bitcoin Gold Site Suffers 10 Million Hits Per Minute Bitcoin block height 491,407 was reached 23 October, more than a day earlier than anticipated, triggering the so called Bitcoin Gold hard fork. It is the second such fork of its kind since August, and another is predicted mid-November, Segwit2x, at block 494,784. Not long after celebrating block height 491,407, the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) team noticed 10 million hits per minute clogging up its web traffic requests. BTG’s Slack channel later attributed most of the hits to internet protocol (IP) addresses routed through China. BTG’s founder and lead developer are from China. It was a clear a DDoS campaign was used against the site, which rendered it essentially unavailable for four hours, causing nume..
Singapore has no plans to regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, according to the head of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. However, some laws are being formalized that could apply to some cryptocurrency activities and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Also read: Putin Mandates Crypto and ICO Regulation Be Finalized by July 2018 No Plans to Regulate Bitcoin The managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Ravi Menon, expressed in an interview on Tuesday that “Singapore doesn’t plan to regulate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin,” Bloomberg reported. However, he added that it “will remain alert to money laundering and other potential risks stemming from their use.” He was quoted saying: As of now I see no basis for wanting to regulate cryptocurrencies. Instead, the central bank will focus on looking at “the activities surrounding the cryptocurrency and asking ourselves what kinds of risks they pose, which risks would require a regulatory response, and then proce..
Russian native and entrepreneur Dmitry Troitsky has plans on creating a product line of vodka named after some popular cryptocurrencies. Troitsky has filed for trademark patents in order to develop three distinct vodka brands called “Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.” Also read: Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Person’s Perspective Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic Vodka The Ekaterinburg-based Dmitry Troitsky has big plans to create a high-quality vodka line named after a few well-known cryptocurrencies. Troitsky has filed with the Russian trademark office for the three names to be applied to his alcoholic beverage products. Even though Troitsky understands that his government has not been very favorable towards cryptocurrencies just yet, he believes the public perception is different. Troitsky explains to the Russian news site Life.ru that these names will likely bring his Vodka line attention. “I wanted to use the names of cryptocurrencies when issuing my goods in ..
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. INTRODUCTION Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives almost entirely by improving human’s health, safety and… Unlike in movies, there’s no flying robots up in the skies. And while the use of AI must be accepted and solved, their bigger potential, beside others such as safe driving, help children with their learning, open and upgrade people’s lives. In reality, helpful applications of AI in schools, houses and hospitals, have developed massively. Universities create divisions to study AI, and technology companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft spend a lot to find different usages of AI which they suppose important to their future. Furthermore, Hollywood also uses te..
Over the past few weeks, bitcoin proponents have been quarreling online about the lack of replay attack protection for the pending Segwit2x fork scheduled for this November. As time draws closer, a lot of bitcoiners are planning on sitting tight to ride out the storm. However, there are also individuals searching for replay-protected exchanges, wallet providers, and alternative techniques to protect themselves. Also read: Bitcoin Accessibility From a Blind Person’s Perspective Everyone Keeps Talking About This Thing Called Replay Protection The decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin and many other altcoins utilize a data storage concept called Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXO). Someone who owns bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet has a list of “unspent” satoshis which primarily contains the user’s balance data. The sum of the bitcoin owner’s UTXOs is the individuals or organizations entire balance. When a fork takes place on the network, there can be network confusion or replays wh..
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. SocialMedia.Market – the first blockchain platform for influencer marketing announces launch of its ICO campaign. The public token sale will commence on November 16th, 2017. The presale will be opened in 14 days prior to the first phase. In a world of non-effective advertisements which frustrate users, companies find it’s difficult to convey their message and gain the right brand exposure.Traditional advertising efforts are decline in every aspect. There is so much noise that consumers have massively shut down and turned out commercials using ad blocking solutions. However, in recent researches, people clearly state that online recommendations from someone within their social media c..
London crypto-payments company Wirex just partnered with Japanese-based SBI Holdings. Their goal is to produce a bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment card for Japanese customers. The partnership is geared to create more mass adoption for cryptocurrencies and break Wirex into the mainstream limelight. Also read: Venezuelans Risk “Energy Theft” Arrest and Police Extortion Mining Bitcoin Wirex also has an early start in japan, as it has an initial customer base. Their CEO, Pavel Matveev, elaborated: “Japanese customers are our most enthusiastic supporters and use our VISA-backed cryptocurrency debit card more regularly than anywhere else in the world. They deserve a Yen denominated card soon and we will deliver it to them.” Formation of the Partnership The partnership was formed several months after SBI group invested $3 million into Wirex. It appears that SBI Holdings hopes to broaden its influence regarding cryptocurencies and bitcoin. SBI Holdings also intends on gaining more knowled..
In an interview with CNBC on Monday, Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, senior adviser at Saudi Arabia’s central bank, stated that the regulator does not believe the cryptocurrency has matured enough to warrant regulation at this point in time. Mr. Al-Sheikh also stated that the central bank will wait and observe before delivering a determination regarding its regulatory position on initial coin offerings (ICOs). Also Read: Life After China’s Exchange Ban – an Interview With Hong Kong-Based Binance CEO Zhao Saudi Arabia’s Central Bank Is “Observing” Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency In a recent interview with CNBC, Abdulmlik Al-Sheikh, a high-ranking representative of the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority, stated his belief that “cryptocurrency is still [in] its infancy.” Mr. Al-Sheikh described the cryptocurrency industry as merely comprising “pilots, trials, here and there.” With regards to regulations, Mr. Alsheikh stated that he does not believe the industry is “strong” enough to warrant the central b..
The Paris-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturing company, Ledger, has announced a recent partnership with the giant multinational technology firm Intel. The joint initiative aims to tether Ledger’s unique operating system, ‘BOLOS’ and Intel’s ‘Software Extension Guard’ (SGX). Also read: SPV Wallet Bread Lets Users Decide During the Segwit2x Hard Fork Ledger’s BOLOS and Intel’s SGX Solution Will Combine Forces The hardware wallet startup Ledger is continuing to expand its company goals, as the startup just revealed its partnership with California-based tech corporation Intel. The Intel SGX solution plans to create a secure area called the “SGX enclave” for private keys tied to digital assets. Essentially this means the data will be stored within the enclave as opposed to applications, and the goal aims to curb a variety of software attacks. “We have seen an increasing demand from the market for security solutions to manage crypto assets over the past couple of years,” e..